Monday, 7 March 2011


Last Tuesday we (me, some trainees and some film guys from Anglia Ruskin) filmed a video which hopefully addresses the issue of 'Why does the world need librarians?'  Filming is something that I know little about but had to learn fast!  It was fascinating being behind the camera and directing the action - slightly more daunting having to perform in front of it!
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The challenge was to think of ways to get across my points in a clear but concise manner as well as try to hold the attention of the viewer.  This is, of course, not something restricted to talking in front of a is something that we experience in our jobs every day.  The attention span of a frazzled student, I have discovered, is pretty brief.  There is only so much information about e-resources and journals that we can bombard students with at one time.  This is often where the freshers' tours of libraries fall down - I remember in my Freshers' week being talked at in the Philosophy faculty (still no idea why we were taken to the Philosophy faculty) for a good 3 hours about libraries and access to online resources.  Needless to say, not a lot went in and I had to revert to asking my college librarian at a later date instead!

Hopefully, my short video will engage the viewer and get the message across to students and people in general that librarians are not out-of-date stereotypes but modern, helpful professionals, who will never crash or malfunction like the online virtual ones can (or at least, less often)!

I'm putting the finishing touches to the video and it will be up here by tomorrow - don't let the anticipation kill you.

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