Tuesday, 1 March 2011

International Hug a Librarian Day

As Facebook reliably informs me, today is the day when random strangers grab a librarian and hug them in gratitude for all their hard work and help over the past year.  What a lovely thought.  Not such a nice thought that I have advertised this fact in my library…I feel that a respectful distance is required between me and the freshers!

Coincidentally, today is also the day that I am filming the video which I intend to submit as a scholarship application to Syracuse University.  The title is ‘Why the world needs librarians’ and the whole process of sketching out ideas, getting hold of a cameraman, co-ordinating filming times and getting the right ‘shots’ of college has been fascinating.  I had been more at home behind the scenes until recently when I took part in the ADC Theatre Cambridge Contemporary Dance Show as part of the Lindy Hop act, ‘Shades of Swing.’  The unpolished tech rehearsal video is on YouTube. 

It was all great fun and quite an adrenalin rush.  I am finding, however, that filming a documentary video for a scholarship is far more daunting than dancing in a group (in the dark!). 

I am hoping that the video will not only serve my scholarship application but also be embedded in the college library website, the trainees’ website and even other colleges’ and faculties’ websites as a means of publicising libraries in Cambridge and the irreplaceable jobs done by librarians.  Even if I don’t get the scholarship, this has been a very educational learning curve and has encouraged me to think about other forms of media and methods of using them as a means of engaging with students.

Watch this space for an update on the filming and for the finished masterpiece!

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  1. I haven't had any hugs today, don't know whether to be sad about that or relieved! Hope your filming goes well, looking forward to seeing it :)