Monday, 7 March 2011

Librarianship into the Future award

This is a video addressing the issue of 'Why does the world need librarians?' and I am submitting it for consideration for the 'Librarianship into the Future' scholarship from the iSchool at Syracuse University.  

I am also going to use the video for promotional purposes on the St John's College website and Catalog.  I wanted to create a video that would challenge not only the stereotypes of librarians but also the futuristic ideas concerning libraries without human librarians.  We do need to move with the times and embrace technology but too much in the other direction could alienate students and leave them bereft of to-the-point answers and enquiry-specific insight.

Hopefully this video will serve its purpose at Syracuse as well as provide a discussion point among students and librarians alike concerning the combined forward momentum of the library sector and maintenance of good rapport with students.

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