Thursday, 23 June 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Week 1, Things 1 and 2 and Extra Thing

We're all eager beavers at the start of this adventure
I have at last got round to writing my first blog for Cam23 2.0.  I am on the organising committee and have only recently realised that I should really do the programme as well!  I was annoyed to have missed out on it last year so am looking forward to learning lots of new things this time round and will hopefully manage to keep it up while I move to America.

Thing 1

I already have an iGoogle account (since my colleagues encouraged me to have one while doing the 23 Things last year) with my e-mail, BBC news and weather, Google maps and a live satellite image of cloud cover and I have enjoyed sprucing it up this week with a 'sporran' theme (I am Scottish in case you didn't know) and adding widgets etc.  I was particularly proud of myself when I managed to add the Cam23 2.0 and CPD23 blogs to my library tab.  I haven't been using iGoogle much since it is slow to upload on my laptop at home but it is useful to have everything in once place and I especially like having different tabs.
My lovely themed iGoogle page
Thing 2

As is pretty obvious, I already have a blog. I started it in order to support my application for a scholarship for the States and have continued it as a form of diary keeping for all of my library visits (as Annie does).  As I was putting together the slide show for the launch of Cam23 2.0 I had a look at most of the blogs for last year's programme and got some inspiration.  There were so many different approaches and writing styles that I was encouraged to carry on writing as I had been.

I have looked through some of the other blogs for Cam23 2.0 and started leaving comments on ones that catch my attention such as Murmuration, Blurtmetry and The Hobbit Hole (I grant you that this was on a CPD23 post, just to confuse things further).  I will try and have a look at different blogs each week so that I get an overview of what is going on.  It is great to read posts by people from many different backgrounds who are having the same problems or opinions on various matters and I am hoping that this will help create the sense of community that was so prevalent last year.

Extra Thing

Getting that personal touch
I took this as an opportunity to restyle my blog.  Indeed I wasn't happy with the design I started with and I found it pretty difficult to find something that wasn't too distracting or gave too strong a message.  (I actually just considered including a screen shot of my blog here, forgetting that you are actually reading it - I'm not quite with it!).  A big thank you to Whim of a Hat, who inspired me to attach the Cam23 2.0 logo - it took some time as I find Blogger a bit fiddly...I will now need to find the CPD23 one so that it doesn't feel left out.

CPD23 post coming soon


  1. Hey hey, your friendly Cam23 team member checking in!

    Loving the new background, very classy indeed, but I can't pretend that the sporrans don't scare the life out of me! And where's MY blog in that list?

    Only joshing, I agree that there's going be an awful lot of interesting stuff to read over the summer, and no doubt much of it will be found here :)

  2. Yup, the new background looks very nice :) I almost always read your blog through Google Reader though so I can't actually remember what the old one looked like!

  3. -Becky - YOUR blog will be in it next week, promise :P

    -Annie - I too tend only to look at it there as well! Does it count as a view if someone looks at it in Google Reader?

  4. Noted your comment about igoogle being slow to load on your laptop. I had hoped to make more use of it when away sailing but just set the start up tab to the Croatian weather page when logging in on a dongle