Wednesday, 29 June 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Week 2, Things 3 and 4 and Extra Thing 2

You'll notice this week that all my blog posts will be in quick succession as I fit it in in between travelling up and down to Scotland, getting MMR injections and setting up bank accounts for America! 
A bit stressed

Thing 3

Thankfully I already have an RSS feed and have done for some time.  I have, however, tidied it up and created folders for all of my different groups such as Cam23 2.0 blogs, CPD23 blogs, Library pages and items of general interest such as David Mitchell's Guardian column and Mary Beard's Times Online column.  I find this a really useful way to keep in touch with what is happening and of following blogs.  It is great to have everything in the one place but, as I discovered when I logged in today, it can be quite oppressive if you don't view it for a while (I had 101 things to look at today and I am somewhat obsessive and need to look at all of them so that I am down to 0 again!  I am currently on 7)

Thing 4

So, Twitter.  I have been very slow on the uptake of Twitter because I was massively dubious about it.  I am more of a lurker than a contributor but have been using it to broadcast my blog posts and, according to my Stats, it has been quite successful on that front.  I find it difficult to dip in and out of Twitter and need to follow it constantly to get the most out of it.  I can't do this at work and am not really on my laptop at home so the conversational aspect of it is lost on me.  I do appreciate that it is very quick with breaking news and is a great way to get an answer to a question quickly but the constant use is not something that is feasible when I am at work.  Also, if you don't check it that often it can be difficult to pick your way through everything (I know that I can compartmentalise the people I follow) and it can look a bit messy.

Sometimes, my Twitter feeling

I was interested in the way that people tweeted when at the Libraries@Cambridge conference and at the Teachmeet.  Some said that it was a form of keeping notes rather than writing them down while most were tweeting for those who were not present but were following on Twitter.  This seems fair enough but I would need more practice with it so that I didn't miss what was being said while I was concentrating on getting my point into 140 characters. 

I note in the Cam23 2.0 post on this that the issue of personal and professional has been raised.  I am veering towards Twitter for professional use mainly because most of the people I follow are librarians and my feed is mostly discussing professional matters.  I have my Facebook for private use and that suits me well. 

Extra Thing

I have managed to get a Twitterfeed for my blog to Twitter so I shall see if it works when I publish this blog.  It wasn't particularly straightforward but I think I have managed it.  I find the icons at the bottom of my posts a simple enough way to publish my posts to Twitter and Facebook so I don't feel I really need the Twitterfeed but will give it a go all the same.

The is a great idea and a concept, which I have recently appreciated when e-mailing from work.  I use the tinyurl page so that the sometimes long and confusing Janus URLs being sent to biographical enquirers can be shortened and take up less than one line in webmail and, therefore, be less confusing to the recipients.

I think that's all for this week.  I will now take a look at the CPD23 Week 2 Things, which may also include a discussion of my Twitter account so, if you are interested, stay tuned.


  1. Erin, I know exactly what you mean about stress! Just opening Google reader this morning and seeing the number of new items that had appeared since I last looked gave me butterflies in my stomach (not the excited kind)! And, like you, I make a rod for my own back by feeling that I must read them all (like when I start a book, even if I don't like it I feel that I must finish it!)...

  2. Hi there, just noticed that your stressed cartoon is linked to my blog. Thanks for that. :D

    Nice blog you have here too . A good reading for me ^_^ Keep it up !