Thursday, 30 June 2011

[CPD23] Thing 3

My wee face (though it is
somewhat more orange
at the moment)
I have been looking forward to considering my personal brand but have been somewhat disappointed by my Google results (but I'll come to that).

My wee bookworm
When I started my blog I took ages to decide on 'Wee Bookworm' since I wanted something snappy, Scottish and library related.  It was actually my brother, who came up with the name and it encompasses all that I wanted (as well as my petite frame).  I am happy with it and have used it as my name on Twitter too.  I felt that since I was using a pseudonym that I should, therefore, have an actual picture of myself.  This I found a difficult choice but I decided to go with the photograph used at the Libraries@Cambridge conference where the trainees introduced themselves to the rest of the Cambridge library staff.  It appears several times in Google images of 'Erin Lee library' and 'Erin Lee Cambridge.'

Again here we come to the discussion of personal vs. professional.  I am not concerned with my 'brand' on Facebook and so tend not to be 'friends' with many librarians (those of you that I am friends with should feel special and suitably smug).  I am far more concerned with how I appear on my blog and Twitter and am much more cautious when voicing opinions or sharing links.

Visual branding is not something that I had considered.  I appreciate that some blogs and avatars become instantly recognisable but that is something that would take me a long time to consider.  After all, you will be stuck with it for a while!  Perhaps once I go to America and have to go out and get my name known from scratch (and not merely as being the Scottish one) I will discover the benefit of branding and how best to go about it.
Funnily enough, not the Erin Lee you know

Googling myself is always a bit depressing since there is a model named Erin Lee, who is a tad more popular then myself.  However, when you search 'Erin Lee library'  the third hit is the graduate trainees' website CaTaLoG and 'Wee Bookworm' search term results in my blog as the second hit and 'Wee Bookworm Erin Lee' comes up with my blog as the first hit.  A search for 'Erin Lee Cambridge' comes up with CaTaLoG as well as the Libraries@Cambridge slides page and several St John's staff pages.

I am not as prolific as I would aim to be but a slow and steady start will hopefully stand me in good stead so that I can build my image in a considered way and not jump into it and end up with a brand that I don't like or feel doesn't represent me.


  1. When I saw the sofa hove into view, I began to wonder...!

  2. Maybe you should pose that so we can compare you two.