Thursday, 28 July 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Thing 11

One of the interesting things about doing Cam23 2.0 (and CPD23) is how my use of the Things has changed from going from working in a library to, well, not.

Things I don't like

Let's get off to a positive start!  I don't really get on well with iGoogle, I have given it a shot but it doesn't fulfil a need for me.  I also don't have a need for Pushnote but I think that it is good to be able to comment on any webpages you want to...I just don't really want to.

Things I liked when in Cambridge

Fraught Twitter
I did like Twitter for keeping up to date and in the loop.  I found it difficult to keep on top of and that is definitely the case now that I am at home and out and about and not at a desk with a computer.  It is just not feasible for me to check it so it has fallen by the wayside now that I am home.  I do see that is it useful for keeping in the loop while at work etc. but I am quite enjoying being away from the constant stream of discussion, which can, at times, be pretty oppressive.

Things I love

Love love love
Google Calendar is great for both work and personal life as is Doodle.  RSS feeds I find really helpful and am trying to click on blogs more often so that I get to see the backgrounds etc. that each person has selected since this can really change an interpretation or feel of a post.  I am going to get the Evernote app for my new Mac so that I can use it at uni and I am going to work out how to do Screenshots and casts too.

All in all the experience so far has been very positive and it is great that the program has not only highlighted Things of use for libraries but also for personal use and for study aids.  It is going far beyond the remit!

P.S. Apologies for pictures maybe being in strange places but it is quite different using a Mac for copying and pasting pictures and positioning etc. so bear with me!

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