Wednesday, 6 July 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Things 5 and 6

Strangely enough this week I have found the unknown Thing far easier than the known Thing.  My work computer will not allow me to use LightShot and so I will have to wait until I am home and quickly find, it, use it and blog it before Darwin Formal!


I am, unfortunately, one of those people who 'Ctrl+Print Screen', pastes into Paint and crops it and uploads it to my blog.  My computer science friend recently visited me in the library while I was doing this and was appalled by appalled that he wouldn't offer an alternative!  Needless to say, I love LightShot!

Tintin, whose museum I am visiting tomorrow in Brussels!
I found it a bit confusing to start with because I don't really know where the shot is when I have highlighted it and where it is 'uploaded' to and I ended up having to open it and then save it to my computer and then upload it to my blog like a picture file - not sure if that is what I am meant to do but that was the only option I could go for...please enlighten me if there is a more straightforward way to do it!  Even with this it is still so much quicker and better quality than what I used to do!


This is a wonderful idea.  If only I had a microphone and a presentation to do I would love it even more!  I have put together a wee video of my usual BBC viewing...and yes, it is as thrilling as it sounds.

Look, it even has a tractor!  This was very easy to do and I was surprised at how slow you had to use the mouse.  What was particularly good is that the mouse is highlighted on the video (though not while you are recording hence I was a little concerned that the mouse was a bit difficult to see).

This would be an excellent tool for those who teach students or demonstrate databases etc.  This is a massive step forward from Screenshots in Powerpoint for example and this would facilitate teaching students much better.  I have made many leaflets for the library over the course of my year here and have struggled with Screenshots and Paint and arrows and speech bubbles...a video with running commentary would be much more useful and could be uploaded to the library website.  Which would you prefer?

Our library's Newton catalogue guide


I think that it is blatantly obvious (even without sound) that the video gets the point across a lot better and is actually a lot quicker and easier for us to make!  (Not to mention all those rainforests saved).

So, yes, I am a big fan and bring on an opportunity to use it!


  1. Erin, good point that screeencast more appealing than powerpoint, when trying to view I got the message "this video is private"

  2. Ah, thanks, I hadn't noticed that since I am logged in! I have made them public now so they should work.