Wednesday, 13 July 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Week 4, Things 7 and 8 and Extra Thing 3

Since I wrote the posts for the Cam23 2.0 blog this week, I don't have much experimenting to do!  I'll give my views on them nonetheless!


I began using Doodle pretty much when I came to Cambridge, almost a year ago.  I'm with Annie in that It is invaluable for organising events whether professional or personal and its simple nature makes it straightforward and easily understood (much like TeuxDeux, which is a wonderful invention and should be used by all!)  I agree with Gareth when he comments on the possibility of replying as anyone, this does seem open to problems.  Also, I have done several polls where my options have been bigger than usual but as long as the people replying realise that there is a sort of concertina going on it is fine (a tad unwieldy though, I admit).

Google Calendar

GC brings order to the chaos
Again, I have been using this for about a year and would be lost without it.  We now use it as work as well since there are 3 distinct 'offices' in John's library (Working Library, Old Library and Biographical Office) and we were operating 4 paper diaries (the librarian had his own since he is also president of the college).  This obviously led to problems, miscommunication, double bookings and difficulties when taking phone calls.  So, Google Calendar was proposed and we are getting on swimmingly with it.  A few members of staff do not use it since they don't exactly embrace technology but that can be easily dealt with by others in the office.  My own personal Google Calendar has taken over from my paper diary, which I now find I fill in retrospectively.  I would get rid of it entirely if I was able to get GC on my phone and when I was away from a computer.

Extra Thing

I have had a look at this and managed to put it on my Google Reader without trouble but, shocking as it is, I don't actually borrow from any University libraries apart from John's.  We don't use UL cards for borrowing and so we have a different system of checking loans, which is not compatible with this widget and doesn't have a widget of its own.  The plan is to transfer over to UL cards soon (hurrah for the graduate trainees of the future who, therefore, will not have to spend the first few weeks making c.300 library cards, cutting out the pictures and laminating them! 

I can see this being a handy device for students though...they need all the help they can get when it comes to handing books back!

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