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[Cam23 2.0] Week 5, Things 9 and 10 and Extra Thing 4

I would like to say that I am an organised person.  I certainly was termed one while at university and my college son still regrets lambasting 'those people with colour co-ordinated timetables and loads of stationery' when I first met him.  Little did he know that he was describing me to a tee.  So, organising week on Cam23 2.0 is wonderful!

I'm not quite this bad with my pens...but some Belgians are
Google Docs

This is one of those things that I was a tad dubious about using to start with (I'm sure you're starting to see a theme in my approach to new technologies).  BUT it has been incredibly helpful over the past year and I have used it a lot.  My use spans docs concerning choreography for the ADC dance show in which the Lindy Hoppers performed, script of the video I made for a scholarship application, Lindy volunteer and teaching spreadsheet, Cam23 2.0 and CPD23 minutes and participants, work announcements and my own personal PDFs.  This is one of those tools, like Doodle, that easily spans the personal and professional worlds. 

I think this was the one
I like the live input since it means that distant people can be accessing the doc during a meeting and see what is being amended and contribute themselves.  This also reminds me of the ancient chat thing that my brother used - ICQ, where the person you were chatting to could read what you typed as you typed it...sometimes not a great idea.

I would say that I have found it an issue to share docs with people who do not have a Gmail account.  Especially when I get invites sent to my Hermes webmail and then have to get people to send the invite to my Gmail account instead.  Apparently all one needs is a Google account in order for this all to work...I have no idea if most people have one of these or not (I suppose we all should since we have been doing iGoogle etc.) and so I don't know how problematic this is in the big bad world.


I have written the Cam23 2.0 post for this and so it is obviously not new to me.  I am not really sure about how this tool will progress or whether it will become more insightful.  Presumably the more people, who use it the more useful it will be but since it is still in beta, I think that there is a lot of work to be done.

I found the article interesting since I hadn't considered the views of online businesses concerning what was being written about them and cannot be vetted.  Surely the freedom to express views is a good thing...as long as they are true.  There is no way that slander can be deleted or taken back unless it is taken up with Pushnote itself...thus adding a third party and complicating the issue.  There are so many fora on the web, though, that negative and slanderous comments can always be made and I don't think that Pushnote is making the situation any worse!


Again, I wrote the post and so I haven't had much exploring to do this week.  I really like the concept of Evernote and think that it would be very helpful for researchers and students but its immediate use in a library context is a bit lost on me.  I certainly think that I will use it next year when I am at uni and juggling articles and websites and think that it will become invaluable.  I wish I had known about things like this when I was writing my thesis last year!  I prefer to use the desktop layout, which automatically syncs with the web and keeps my 'homepage' up to date. 

(Strangely, I like the elephant icon, it is one of the few icons on my browser that doesn't offend me)

This is not something I have tried nor am likely to try at the moment.  I can see the uses, especially in a library context with sharing of photographs etc. with enquirers and this would work at John's, in particular with the Biographical Office but it is not something that I need now.  I also agree that the formatting of Google Docs can be annoying but, as yet, I've not really had an issue with it - I tend to be contributing to docs already there or writing pretty simple ones myself, for which the formatting isn't really important.
I don't have anything to put in my box

I think that Evernote is probably more up my street since I don't have the need to share items...it is rare that I share things and, if I do, it tends to be with my family for whom even e-mail is a bit complicated!

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