Friday, 15 July 2011

[CPD 23] Thing 5 is a reflection week.  I have just discovered, however, that this is not as much of a skive as I was expecting!

The Thinker (and this photo has reminded of the trailer for Project Nim that I saw last night at the cinema - looks interesting)
Reflection on events

I started this blog in the hope that it would encourage me to reflect on the various trips and visits, to which the trainees were treated.  I am mostly of the mindset 'how does this compare to John's?' when considering what to write and this is reflective practice of a sort.  The time involved really is surprising and, in theory, reflecting on several aspects of an event and what went well/wrong/interestingly is great but, in reality, you can only reflect for as much time as you have.  I can see reflection being helpful when dealing with training events, events within the library or conferences but it is when it comes to reflection on personal performance that I struggle. 

Refelction on myself

Not me...but a bald man
Borton's 'What? So What? Now What?' seems pretty sensible and is a good simple structure to get you thinking about the topic.  I liked Judith's link to Seth Godin's view of evaluation.  I am with the Dog-eared Librarian concerning self-reflective practice at school.  I found this utterly useless for many of the same reasons.  It would probably have been far more productive to get someone else to evaluate my work.  I tended to work hard, do well and have nothing to say in evaluation apart from 'maybe I should get less distracted by my cat.' 

When it comes to professional matters, I am not one to blow my own trumpet (something my Mum puts down to being Scottish...not sure about that one) and focus on my shortcomings and weaknesses a lot.  I possibly also overestimate other people's competence.  All of these mean that reflection can be a bit of a minefield but I hope that continued focus on it along with more professional development reviews at work etc. will make my viewpoint more realistic and productive. 

Putting it into practice

I am trying hard with CPD23 as well as Cam23 2.0 but the combination of the two is quite taxing!  My main bugbear is Twitter but I am trying more with that.  I am not posting more but I am reading posts more thoroughly and following more links, which I am finding pretty rewarding.  I am much preferring the Hootsuite layout though I don't like their Facebook feed, which is just way behind updates (perhaps that's just me) but since I use Twitter for professional matters and Facebook for personal, I want to access them at different times so Hootsuite's shortfall is not really an issue.

Technophobe no longer
I am really enjoying getting to read lots of blogs, which I didn't know about before and am finding it useful to compare my experiences to those of others.  I am quite surprised at how similar my views and experiences are to many people's - quite encouraging since I thought that I was a bit of a technophobe prior to these programs!  Sometimes upon reading other blogs I realise that I have been too hasty to pass judgement on something and should have given it more of a chance.  So, it is safe to say that I am learning a lot from this program but you definitely need to put in a lot of effort to get the maximum benefit.


  1. I just found your blog and wanted to say hi as I was a trainee at St John's too (a couple of years ago now!). I really wish I'd reflected more while I was there, and definitely wish I'd started a blog and joined Twitter sooner. You're definitely well ahead of me in that respect!

  2. Hi Laura! I have heard a lot about you from Fiona :) Sadly my time here is coming to an end...this is my last week. I will miss it a lot. I am trying to keep on top of all this technology stuff since I'm going to Library School in upstate NY where they are rather keen on all of this!