Wednesday, 6 July 2011

[CPD23] Thing 4

Current awareness encompasses rather a lot!  Thankfully I have already encountered all of these (not least due to the Cam23 2.0 program for which I have already blogged about Twitter and RSS Feeds and have written the blog post for the Pushnote Thing).


My new calmer outlook
Please see my Cam23 2.0 post.

As I have said many times before, I have been very slow on the uptake of Twitter because I was massively dubious about it.  I spent most of my afternoon, however, trying to enthuse my work experience student about Twitter and shocked myself with my own enthusiasm!

I find it difficult to dip in and out of Twitter and need to follow it constantly to get the most out of it.  Following on from my 'messy' comments below I have had a look at Hootsuite and am happier with this layout since I can control how much I see.  I also have my Facebook on another tab and this set-up seems to suit me better.

I found Annie's tweeting lists very useful and have since started following a few more.  I tend mostly to follow librarians or libraries or library related feeds but I have a few other ones such as Stephen Fry (obviously), Jimmy Carr, Jimmy Nail (perhaps a heck of a lot less obviously) and a few others.  I wholeheartedly agree with Jen when she says that she is much more professionally aware due to Twitter...I even am and I don't Tweet that often.

RSS Feeds

Again, have a look at my Cam23 2.0 post.

I have been using Google Reader for a while now and am a big fan.  I like having all of my information, news, photos, articles and blogs together and automatically updated.  I have compartmentalised my feeds and have realised just how many library blogs I am following!

Further to my dabbling in Hootsuite above I discovered that I can send my Google Reader shared items to a separate tab on there too.  Now, I have never shared items on Reader but I could and then I would have them all in the one place with my Tweets!  Find out in this helpful article how you can go about linking Hootsuite to Google.


Mr Fry
I had never used Pushnote until it came to writing the blog post for Cam23 2.0 (will be published week beginning 18th July).  It is still in beta and presumably this is why it is not widely used.  Annie was my only Facebook friend using it!  Since this Thing has been put up though more have joined and I am now following several of my Twitter friends.  I agree that it is difficult to see how this will progress but I will definitely watch this space.  Surely anything backed by the Frymeister can't be bad?!


  1. That Lifehacker article looks really useful, thanks! I share articles Google Reader on Twitter but I've been using Twitter's own "Tweet this" bookmarklet to do it manually. I should really explore Reader's own sharing options!

  2. I found your post on Thing 4 interesting, thought I'd mention a bit of it in my post, hope you don't mind!