Tuesday, 26 July 2011

[CPD23] Things 8 and 9

I appreciate that my blog posts have been less than interesting recently, shamed as I am by the likes of Helen!  I have had a rather hectic few weeks but am now finished at St John's (sob) and have left Cambridge (even bigger sob) and have dumped all my belongings in my parents' dining room (big exasperated sob from my Mum). 

Being at home means that my contact with the internet is limited but my contact with gardening and chores vastly increased.  So, bear with me.  Here are some photos of my garden to brighten this post up:

View down my garden to greenhouse and fields leading to the River Clyde beyond
Big lovely tree that blossoms yellow and has bright red leaves
I have actually written both of the blog posts for this week's Things so am not new to them.  I have also had a look at the Things as part of Cam23 2.0 and have blogged about them here and here but I will endeavour to give you something new.

Google Calendar

I love Google calendar and I never thought that I would prefer a computer based diary to my paper one.  That is not to say that I have got rid of my paper one...I have just bought a new academic year diary (I cannot wait for the day when I can buy a grown-up January to December one) since I like to be able to flick through and count weeks in an old fashioned sort of way.  Also, Google Calendar does not have colourful polka dots on a brown paper background.  I definitely find that GC is much more useful and called for when I am at work and, basically, not at home.  I realised where my love of organisation came from when I mentioned to my Mum this morning that I might be going bowling next Tuesday and she scrambled for the diary.  I commented that it wasn't definite to which she retorted that that was why it was going in in pencil...those who know me may understand me a lot better now!!


I liked Evernote from the start.  I don't know if it was the Desktop interface, the ease of combining different media or just the elephant but I took to it easily.  As I have said previously, it is not of much use at the moment but I can see it becoming invaluable on my Masters when I predict I will be juggling journals, articles, websites etc.  I think that there is a lot more to it than I experienced but no doubt that will all be discovered with use.

I am not sure that I have given you anything new so I will add a photo of my cat covered in muck, yawning and sitting in her basin full of soil (which she obviously prefers to her nice soft bed) to make up for it.

The Other Missy Lee

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  1. I wondered if that's where your immense organisational skills came from! And I am simply resigned to never having a grown up calendar-year diary...academia forever!

    It's not at all the same without you here, we're off to CUP this afternoon and it'll be weird to only hear one pencil on one notebook! Looking forward to seeing you on the 7th though.

    P.S. Did you get your postcard? Thanks a lot for mine!