Friday, 12 August 2011

Bloom's Taxonomy

Hurrah!  A post not all about CPD23 or Cam23 2.0!!

Syracuse have ever so kindly sent me a heck of a lot of work to do before I even fly out so I am ploughing my way through that instead of packing, which at least means that my suitcase currently still weighs less than 23kg!

I thought that I would just mention Bloom's Taxonomy which popped up in my reading and I was quite intrigued in lieu of the 'reflection' concept recently mentioned in CPD23 and Cam23 2.0.

The original 1956 version focuses on nouns:

Original Version

But was updated in the 1990s to a verbal pyramid with more relevant terms and a tone of action:

New Version
There is a table of similar terms that can be substituted in here.  

The top three tiers are what I am not as experienced in but then that may depend to a large extent on your job and the position you are in within the institution.  Someone at the bottom of the ladder would find it harder to instigate change through the creativity tier than people at the top but there is nothing to stop all people proposing ideas, regardless of rank.

During training and the Masters, the focus is on the bottom tiers but I am excited by Syracuse's course and the prospect of following through new ideas and come up with innovations of my own (indeed I have had to already for my 'innovation essay'!).

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