Monday, 1 August 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Things 12 and 13

Lots of new things this week.  I have had a wee go at all of them and have mixed feelings.

Thing 12

I had previously worked with Diigo (very briefly) and had been quite pleased with it but on revisitation I didn't really get it.  So, I decided to have a look at Delicious.  I liked the fact that it used a mac in the instructions section...very helpful for a new mac user!  I took to it pretty quickly and have saved all my bookmarks with tags etc. and can see that being quite useful when I come to working in the library at uni and might be on another machine.  I can't really see myself using the networks etc. but it is certainly a very useful tool for personal use.

The tags are quite useful but, at the moment, I have only bookmarked what I normally have bookmarked and so I know what they are without requiring tags...  Maybe when I start bookmarking articles etc. and requiring them for certain subjects and essays the tagging will become a bit more useful.  This is definitely something that I will continue to use and I am off to try to access it from another putsie.

I haven't had a go with the 'ReaditLater' thing since the new Lion software for macs has a similar function as a button on the Safari toolbar and the symbol looks like this:
Reading List
Thing 13

Very cool shelf stairs
I have always wondered what 'Library Thing' was and am glad that I have now had a play with it.  I managed to sign up easily enough and found it very straightforward to add books and I do like the tab 'Miscellaneous powers' though they turn out to not be very interesting.  I can see how Library Thing is pretty helpful for libraries to show their new acquisitions and allow rating etc. but I don't really think I'll use it for my personal books.  It is nice to see what I have read and remind myself of them and rate them but I think the novelty will wear off and I will go back to just shelving them in a different bit of the study at home to Mum's and Dad's books.

It does look good that you can browse by shelf since this is something that students said they missed when dealing with ebooks etc.  I don't really see how helpful the rating system is when Library Thing is in an academic role.  I know that LibrarySearch has a link to Library Thing and shows how many people own the book (on Library Thing) and how they rate it - this would not have affected the likelihood of me reading a book on my reading list.  This is coupled with 'My discoveries' and I don't know how widely they are used by Cambridge University students.   Perhaps it is more useful for research and wider reading i.e. when you go off the reading list.  I certainly never felt the urge to rate the books on my reading list on the actual catalogue.  Maybe that is just the sort of student I was!  

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