Wednesday, 17 August 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Things 16 and 17 and Extra Thing 6

I don't have much time to look at these Things this week since I am packing up reading to move to the States on Friday.

Flickr and Creative Commons

I have briefly used Flickr before for finding images and it is a great resource.  I don't think that I will upload my own images at the moment, probably since I don't think anyone else would be interested in them but if I do happen to take up photography in a serious way then why not?!  It may actually be a good place for showing images of exhibitions or ideas for displays in the library to show others what sort of thing your library is doing and give others some ideas.

Here is a photo of luggage, all I can think about at the moment.

I think that I have done that all correctly.  I am always worried about referencing photos so I am glad that I can do this properly!

I had to study 10 introductory modules for my Masters and I have just done Copyright, Creative Commons and Public Domain and it has been really rather more interesting than I had previously given Copyright credit for!


I have never used podcasts but it is something that I will think about now that I have a laptop that can cope with downloading and viewing things.  I may be some way from actually creating one but I see creating videos is part of one of my first classes so I imagine I will be getting to grips with it soon enough.

I think that they are a great idea for using in libraries as part of freshers' tours and induction since students can return to it online if they need to.  I loved the L-Team video...I only wish I had had time to do that sort of thing at St John's - I wonder how it would have gone down!

I am afraid that packing (well unpacking to suitable weight) is required!  CPD23 post may have to wait for this week.

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