Wednesday, 24 August 2011

[CPD23] Thing 13

I apologise that this is late and will not be in detail - I have arrived safely in America and have just about managed to get myself sorted out...never underestimate how much faff there is when you move country.  At least they speak English here (although there was extensive confusion over 'bin lorry' and 'garbage truck'.

I have discussed organising tips for the Cam23 2.0 program and my post can be seen here.

Google Docs 

I use these a lot and they are a great way to share information especially when not everyone can meet to discuss points of interest.  I also use it as a rota for a society and it is in use at St John's for announcements. The only problem that I have encountered has been in sharing the documents with those who do not have Google accounts.  This was particularly a problem for work where Cambridge University e-mails were the ones known by members of a group.  There are ways of working round this I think but it is a hassle.


Again, I have not really tried this but can see its uses.  I thought that I might use it when I had started my Masters but I have started it and I don't see it being that useful since all of my articles are together on Blackboard (a rather better version of CamTools).  Once I am researching topics myself and finding articles then perhaps I will use Dropbox (or more likely Evernote).

Within the library it may be useful to such a thing for the Biographical Office since we are in the habit of scanning photographs in as people request copies and we keep them together for future reference.  Dropbox has the potential to become an archive for such items, which could then be accessed directly by the researchers.  In my experience, however, some enquirers do not even have e-mail and so this would not be a cure-all solution.


As Jen says, we have used a Wiki for updating the CaTaLoG website.  Other than that I have not had much experience of them.

I agree with Laura when she says that, at work, there is little need to share items.  St John's also had a shared drive for documents.  However, having the option to access work items at home is very useful and I am sure many will use that function.

Courtesy of me

As a wee aside, I have been appointed as Syracuse University Graduate Archive Assistant, which is very exciting and will give me a different perspective on archiving to complement by work with St John's, Cambridge and Balliol, Oxford.


  1. Congratulations on the Archive Assistant job!

  2. as a Syracuse ischool graduate and transplant to the UK I can't wait to read your impressions...

  3. Oh wow! Where are you now? I am really enjoying it so far and was at the CLRC unconference this morning - it is taking me a wee while to get used to the different types of libraries etc.!

  4. North London public libraries - the people are the same, though the library associations and politics are a bit different.
    I graduated in 2007, but it looks like a lot of the faculty remain at Syracuse. I hope it is fun for you - practice saying "trash can" and you should be fine!