Saturday, 27 August 2011

[CPD23] Thing 18

I haven't tried any of these referencing tools but I have tried RefWorks, which was suggested by one of my new tutors here at Syracuse.  I wasn't a fan.  Basically, the search databases that we are using produce a citation in whatever format you want when you look it up and so it is perfectly easy to copy and paste that into your bibliography.  I also like to have control over what I am putting in my bibliography (in a rather anal way) and I found writing my bibliography a very soothing part of my thesis.  It reassured me that I had indeed done lots of work and had several pages of references to show for it (on top of copious amounts of opinions on the relationship between the geographical positioning of temples of Artemis in Greece and her functions as a goddess).

Àrtemis d’Efes, Museu de Trípoli by Sebastià Giralt, on Flickr

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Sebastià Giralt

This is the sort of cult statue that I would discuss - the only reference I had to it was in German so my German friend kindly and slightly confusedly translated it as referring to the bulls' testicles decorating the goddess' garments - you've gotta love Classics.

I am not going to be down on these referencing tools since I haven't actually tried them (I am a bit strapped for time at the moment what with orientation, getting an American social security number, getting a bank account, job, phone (ridiculously complicated), dealing with health centre workers who haven't even heard of Scotland and wonder if TB is rife there and starting my Masters with a 2 day intensive course tomorrow on information and information environments, oh and making friends) but I will bear them in mind for when I start to write longer papers and require assistance, honest!

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