Friday, 9 September 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Thing 21 and Extra Thing 8

To-do list book. by koalazymonkey, on FlickrTeuxDeux

This week it is all about organising yourself and as some of you might, just might, have noticed, I am a tad on the organised side.  I have to start by saying that Suz changed my life the day she told us all about TeuxDeux.  I think that it is a marvellous invention, mostly because of its darned simplicity.  I use it every day and it is one of my staples alongside Gmail, Google Reader, Facebook and Twitter (and the BBC since I may not be able to see iplayer in the US but I can listen to Radio 4 - winner!)

TeuxDeux has stopped me from writing lots of things on tiny post-its and carrying them about with me.  The 'Someday' feature was very useful for long-term preparations for moving to America, which might occur to me at random times and not have an exact completion date attached.

I have had a wee look at Lino It which makes a lot more sense now that I see that it is two separate words and not just linolt (Becky's reference to lino also makes more sense now too!).  I do like the look of this since I am a big fan of post-its and indeed my Mum packed several pads in my first food parcel.  I use the sticky note feature on my mac and entitle them myself and, using that in tandem with TeuxDeux, which can be opened on any computer, I don't really feel the need to have another online account of my to-do list.  It does look cute though and the function of sharing with others is interesting.  I think, however, that if I was going to be working on a project with others I would rather have a more professional form of sharing information than a post-it website but that might just be me!

An interesting page has just popped up on my Google Reader and it is too much of a coincidence to pass over so have a look.

Reference tools

I have already gone into detail about my various feelings on reference aids in a previous post so you can bore yourself by reading it again here.  That post involves a picture of a statue adorned with bulls' testicles, not quite sure what I was thinking at the time of posting.


I think that I will make these wee asides a regular feature as they are a nice way of including tidbits of information about my time in America for those of you who are interested.  I went on another trip to the amazing Wegmans (made famous by Alec Baldwin no less) last night and purchased American biscuits (see the comparison to Commonwealth biscuits here) which come in a can, which pops when you open it - I don't think I have ever experienced something more processed.  They were delicious though, served as dumplings in a beef soup/stew.

Wegman’s by Adam Kuban, on Flickr
(you will need to have a Flickr photo until I take pictures myself, which I will, the peppers there are the size of my head)

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  Adam Kuban 

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