Sunday, 18 September 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Thing 22 and Extra Thing 9

The end is nigh!


I am going to refer you to Annie's post since she has summarised my only use of Wikis as part of the Cambridge graduate trainees last year.  I certainly found it useful (but perhaps that was because I was using it in conjunction with CamTools and anything that functioned well was a godsend).  Now I use Google Docs for group work and that works well enough that I haven't needed Wikis again.

Completely unnecessary image of gourds but they are VERY popular here

QR codes

I have gone technologically backwards since coming to America (I now have a flip phone with a real-life aerial!) so I have no snazzy smart phone with which to scan QR codes.  They are a great idea in principle especially if they are links to useful sources - they are particularly useful on posters or bookmarks in the library as Bird does here (please click here if you want to see the slight architectural change I have undergone since John's!)

Having said that though, if you have a bookmark then you will either have the information or the URL to the information so a QR code may not make the whole process quicker but QR codes on posters or billboards may well be more efficient.


I have now started golf lessons am expected to know what I am doing since I come from the home of golf...I am afraid it doesn't work that way!  The Festa Italiana was great today with amazing food and a rock and roll band to which I Lindied - it was great to get back into the swing of it (do you get it?!).

Despite being Downtown, the sunset was beautiful
In other news, I have selected my Pathfinder topic (basically need to create a subject guide with around 20-25 print or online resources for a student on any topic we want) so I have chosen Greek myth in sculpture (though I am jealous of someone's 'Superman' topic!).  I am mulling over topics for my special collections paper and am thinking of something along the lines of part publication or even the 'unions' formed by journeymen in the hand-press period.  My presentation on encyclopaedias for another class is well under way and we have produced a Prezi (how amazingly exciting!) so I am looking forward to wowing the class with non-PPT!

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