Monday, 19 September 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Thing 23 a.k.a. The Last Thing

This program has been, in a word, 'productive'.  I am not going to say that it was wonderful since it has been jolly hard work keeping up with everything and trying to explore, evaluate and blog every week when there has been so much else going on but I can truly say that I am a much more rounded person for having completed it (well nearly).

I recall boring some friends of a friend on the way back from the opera in London in the early hours of a Sunday morning with tales of the Things and how useful they are to librarians.  Granted, one of them fell asleep but I managed to hold the others' attention and I have actually never shut up about these programs since coming to grad school since they are always relevant and, being involved in this and CPD23, has been invaluable in Syracuse so far.  I was told before I came that I would have to get my head round Twitter and start blogging, both of which have given me a head start and allowed me to have time to settle in without flapping about in a technology induced panic.

I have reflected a bit on the new tools I am using in another post.  One of the best things for me has been the use of Flickr and Creative Commons with ImageCodr and several people since have asked me how to get the references on pictures.

I have duly created a non-wordle of my blog:

Thanks to Annie for introducing me to Tagxedo - I much prefer it to Wordle!
An apple was the most appropriate shape I could find for New York 


I have discovered several different flavours of M&M's since I have been here - on top of our 'normal' and 'peanut', you can also get 'peanut butter', 'dark' chocolate, 'pretzel' and 'coconut' - the latter is very exciting!  So exciting that it warrants a photo and they even match Gaskell's 'A New Introduction to Bibliography' - it is less tasty, trust me.


  1. Ok, tagxedo is super amazing. Time to word-cloudify the internet. It's not procrastination if I read about it on a librarianship blog, right?

  2. I love it! I think that you can make your own shapes too though I didn't have time to experiment. Enjoy!

  3. See, I didn't even know they had coconut M&Ms. Obviously the most important part of this blog stuck with me.