Monday, 5 September 2011

[Cam23 2.0] Things 19 and 20 and Extra Thing 7

So there are quite a lot of things to get through this week and it is already Sunday (apologies).  The first week of class has been busy and hectic but ultimately successful!


I have been looking for a tool like this for ages so I am delighted!  It is very easy to use but is quite time consuming.  I, however, enjoy tinkering with floor plans and strategic maps so that is not a problem for me.   I have created a floor plan of my flat in Syracuse for those of you who have not had a personal Skype tour.
Courtesy of Gliffy
I have also played about with Wordle a fair bit and particularly liked Annie's blogiversary one!  I have had trouble saving them and putting them on my blog though and have had to resort to screenshots and then playing around with them in a document - I thought to myself, "there must be or should be an easier way to do this!"  And indeed there is...if you have a mac.  It is pretty similar to the screenshots only it is the mac version 'Grab' (pretty accurate really).  This is actually easier to do than screenshots on windows and I am very happy to be able to show you my Wordle for my blog below!

My blog's Wordle

I have been interested in Prezis ever since I saw thewikiman's presentation at the Libraries@Cambridge conference in January.  I have watched the introductory videos and, I must say, it all looks very accessible. I like the way that you can plan the presentation on the blank canvas and gather ideas before actually committing to the presentation.  That may assist in brainstorming and be good for the more visual people.  

Many of the presentations I will be making at uni are in powerpoint form but I would love to try this on a project with fewer stipulations so, watch this space, classmates.


My only experience of Slideshare was as part of the Cambridge trainees' presentation at the above mentioned Libraries@Cambridge conference (having only been to 2 conferences, I do reference them a lot so that probably means that conferences are very important to your professional development - cue CPD23 Thing 15 plug).

I have used Slideshare to look up presentations, which I have seen but wanted to follow up on by having a look at references or hyperlinks.  At university, however, all of the presentations are posted on the Blackboard facility and so there is no need for an external tool.  I am sure that Slideshare will continue to be useful for presentation outwith the uni though!


Today I went on a hike round and swim in the Green Lakes, which were absolutely stunning.  I managed, at long last, to take pictures to rival everyone else's reflection pictures without resorting to flickr!  So, although I am a few posts late, here are some images to reflect upon.

Sorry, got a bit carried away but I am making up for lost time!  To top off this enjoyable morning, we had lunch at a vegan restaurant, Stronghearts, which serves the best milkshakes I have ever had - peanut butter and chocolate was a particularly good one so bear that in mind if you are ever in the Syracuse area!

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  1. Hehe glad you liked my word cloud cake, that was my first go at playing around with Tagxedo, which was fun! You upload your picture or choose from one of theirs and then turn it into a word cloud in that shape.

    The Green Lakes look gorgeous, sounds like you're having a great time!