Monday, 12 September 2011

[CPD23] Thing 18

There are some interesting things on the go this week.  I have had a look at them before and so will cheat and refer to my other posts on them but I will also consider other ways we can use them and how they are for users.


So I considered this here (with apparently obligatory Tintin picture) and made a couple of short Jing videos.  I am still very much of the opinion that a video of this sort will be a lot more useful for new and old students alike when introducing them to the library than the typical leaflets.  The ability to post it on a library website means that it is accessible from anywhere and at any time.  As I have recently been discussing in class, everyone learns in different ways.  Learners can be visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or tactual and as librarians we must appeal to all in order to broadcast our messages to as wide an audience as possible (that sounds like we are looking for extra-terrestrial life but you get my drift).

Knitting by jenie212, on Flickr
Some people knit while in class since keeping their hands busy helps them to concentrate -
 maybe this is where librarians as knitters originates
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  jenie212 

So, having videos is an excellent way to appeal to the visual and tactual learners who like to learn by seeing and doing rather than merely reading.


This is not something that I have done or have the time to explore fully now but I will consider the use of podcasts.   I have, for a while, been jealous of these people who miraculously get ahold of whole series of programs or lectures on their iPods and walk about smugly listening to them (fair enough, smugness is probably in my less-informed head) so this week I am going to investigate podcasts for myself so that I too can be 'in the know'.

I have had a wee look at the Apple Store's instructions and have made extensive use of iTunes and I now have myself a nice collection of podcasts.  I have focused mostly on the BBC since these are programs that are familiar to me and I feel oddly attached to the BBC now that I am in America (where they do have BBC America but it is just not the same!).  I am looking forward to listening to them instead of the World Service when I go to bed (since I am 5 hours behind and so never manage to get Radio 4 at bedtime!).

BBC World by chiefmoamba, on Flickr

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  chiefmoamba 


I went to my first American football match yesterday in the Carrier Dome on campus for the second match of the season.

We were playing (and beat) Rhode Island and it is safe to say that I understood about 5% of the game.  I understand a fair bit more having played 'flag football' today and it felt like I was back at school in PE lessons.  I have been very surprised by the importance of university sports here - literally everyone turns out wearing orange in support of the team and there is a great sense of camaraderie.  If only the game were not 4 hours long and just more like rugby in general!

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