Friday, 2 September 2011

[CPD23] Things 15 and 16

Since I am relatively new to this profession, I haven't had much conference experience.  My first conference, however, Libraries@Cambridge, was one at which I, as part of the Cambridge graduate trainee cohort, presented.  Perhaps it was easier to go stright in and present before I had any idea what conferences were and what I was getting myself into (the size of the projector screen alone would have scared me off had I known about it in advance!)  (If you want any information on this you can see Annie's post).

I have also attended the TeachMeet in Cambridge, which was a fantastic opportunity to learn about "teaching tips and techy tools" in a relaxed environment with plenty of mini eggs and participation.  I thought that the ice-breaker librarian bingo was a particularly good idea since there were few enough people there that you could get round everyone to interrogate them but enough people that you didn't all know each other!

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I am going to be a volunteer at the CLRC Unconference in September, which will be based on "The Library as Space and Place."  I am looking forward to getting a taster of what conferences are like in New York State!

As far as advocacy is concerned.  I believe that I did a good job with the Cambridge Lindy Hoppers, who now all think that librarians are a cool bunch of dancers.  That aside, I do try to educate as I go and indeed I have had to in order that I am not laughed out of the conversation for being a librarian.  I have been very pleasantly surprised by the attitutde of Americans to libraries and librarians since they are far more understanding of what we actually do and indeed the public libraries appear to be in s lightly healthier state that our own.  Do not fear, I will pick up pointers as I go along and return to the UK ready to blast the naysayers out of the water.

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