Monday, 19 September 2011

[CPD23] Things 17 and 19


I will start by discussing Prezi since I and my presenting partner, Daina, have just designed our very own Prezi.  I have been dying to get my teeth into a presentation with a Prezi since I have seen a few and heard so much about them and wanted to break away from powerpoints, which I feel like I have been seeing pretty much with unchanged format all my life (surely a bad thing in the technology world?!)


So, our first Prezi experience went rather well and I would post it but we haven't yet done our presentation and I don't want the class to see it and ruin their surprise.  We found it very easy to use but my only criticism would be the difficulty in formatting text - we just wanted to put something in italics and, for some reason, this was impossible.  I felt like we were missing something simple but the formatting only took you to a scary colour/font/theme mishmash of choices, the keyboard shortcuts didn't work and there was no easy B I U to be seen anywhere.

Despite that slight glitch, we are very happy with the end product and I will definitely be using Prezi again.  I appreciate it when people say that not every presentation suits Prezi but thankfully ours follows a chronological structure so we could have a flowing chart.  What I also liked was the ability to plan the presentation on the canvas first - this is particularly helpful for those who learn and plan visually rather than in words.


I am having a swift look through all of the things that we have been through so far and there a lot of them!  Obviously I am keeping up my blog and am very glad that I started it last year since it is now part of my homework for class.  I have never known a professor to order blogging homework but that is just what we have to do every week after class.  So, already having a blog and being familiar with putting my words 'out there' has made this part of grad school that bit more comfortable.
More Green Lakes - just wait for the
Fall pictures

Being at grad school has forced me to be more active on Twitter, since it is encouraged as a back channel for class and it is completely acceptable to be Tweeting about class while in it (I still find this a tad odd but on many occasions very amusing and often provides extension information concerning what is being discussed).

Personal brand was brought up in class the other day by Professor Lankes and I was thrilled to hear what I have learned on this program being taught at school!

RSS Feeds, Google Calendar and Facebook continue to be staples in my day-to-day life and, although I am not religiously using the referencing tools suggested here, I am experimenting with them and have learned a lot from them.

This program, along with the Cam23 2.0 one, have raised my awareness of issues greatly and I feel well-informed on my course and have even introduced classmates to several of these tools.  I never thought that I could be termed as 'someone in the know' and that goes to show that these online learning programs are fantastic opportunities to fiddle with new fangled technology in a supportive and structured manner with the chance to ask questions and read about how other people are using them.

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