Saturday, 15 October 2011

[CPD23] Thing 23

I am rather sad to see the end of this program.  It has been invaluable to my move to the States and there are several points that I would like to make:

  • I have not started using many more tools than I already was or have had to start using at uni but I am a lot more confident in using them thanks to this program.  The support network of other librarians experimenting and blogging at the same time encouraged me to do the same.
  • The library routes/roots project has been fascinating and also reassuring since it shows that there are so many different ways into this profession that no choices we make in our traineeships or masters are wrong and we never completely close off opportunities for our future paths.
  • It has been surprising and indeed comforting to see the similarity in library experiences in all different countries.  I have been following several blogs from various backgrounds and it has been reassuring/heartening/encouraging to see that we all deal with similar issues and challenges.  This develops a real sense of community among librarians and breaks down geographical and culture barriers.  I am toying with the idea of moving on from the States after this year, not sure where yet (English speaking) but it is good to know that libraries are not that different from country to country.
  • I am taking the advice of the program and volunteering and going to as many conferences as I can lay my sticky wee mits on in the hope of networking, getting myself out there, and experiencing what Upstate New York and beyond has to offer.  If you don't go out and get it, it isn't going to come to you (my latest endeavour is the Little Free Libraries - an amazing and heartening project to provide small libraries in communities and improve literacy, you can find out more here and I am going to blog about it all as the project proceeds).
  • The success of the program for me can be seen in the fact that my co-students love the concept and one is even intending on doing the program over Christmas break.
All in all this has been a great, if at times time-consuming, program.  I am so grateful to Niamh for starting it and, as a small part of the organising committee, very proud of how successful it has proved to be.


None of my post-move posts would be complete without a wee mention of M&M's - my new find has been almond ones with whole almonds!  I only have the Pretzel ones to hunt down now.

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