Tuesday, 31 January 2012

[Library Day in the Life Round 8] Day 2

Welcome to my second day of the Library Day in the Life Round 8 Saga.

**WARNING: many images of Otto**


I started off my day with a browse of Downton Abbeyonce courtesy of Helen and Ange from Cambridge - this is one of the many things I like about librarians - they all like similar things to me and aren't ashamed to share the slightly geeky things they find about them.

We have had snow
I did my usual e-mail, Google Reader, job sites search over breakfast and headed to work.  I have been continuing to research board and room rates from 1871 to the present day - prices went up extraordinarily fast during the 70s and it is really interesting to look at the figures in relation to historical events such as wars and see how that effected the pricing.

I polished up a trophy from 1957 that is going into an exhibition of the Chancellor's Office.  We have had the IT men in all morning since we are migrating our computer system from one server to another (no-one is entirely sure why) so we are all working at desks rather than computers - very unnerving.  It is shocking how dependant we have become.

I have also dealt with an e-mail from the lady organising the Syracuse Little Free Libraries Project asking the LIS students to give some more input before Friday - we are meeting about this tonight (i.e. keep reading) so I sent her a holding email.


Still at work but this afternoon I and a fellow student got to vacuum Otto (Syracuse University's mascot, Otto the Orange, for more see here)!  Having taken some advice from the Visual and Performing Arts' costume department, we had to attach some sort of filter to the vacuum head - we used a bit of Meg's porch screen material and duck tape.  Cleaning the costumes was quite easy and they look much brighter and fluffy!  My white T-shirt is now orange and fluffy too, unfortunately.  In accordance with the costume department's guidelines, we are airing the costumes for the next month - we have perched the three blobs throughout the stacks wherever there was space - the Special Collections Staff are going to get a fright when they go into the stacks!

Kendra getting to grips with the homemade lint roller
 (inspiration came from the rather bemused IT men who were STILL hanging about)

Just wait until SCRC stumble upon this!

Otto in the wild
I have spent the rest of the afternoon answering management talking points online and watching this week's video for comment - focusing on group decision making.


After a quick trip to the gym and dinner, I had some of the library team working on Syracuse Little Free Libraries round to discuss how to clarify the book list so that those who want to donate before the launch on Friday can do so (i.e. YOU).  We also needed to plan the poster for the launch - we are going to have a poster detailing how we came up with the books and an idea of the collection development policy.  We will also all be there to chat to interested parties and hobnob with the community and hopefully get everyone as excited about it as us so you have that to look forward on Day 5!

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