Wednesday, 1 February 2012

[Library Day in the Life Round 8] Day 3

Day 2 of Library Day in the Life Round 8 and Erin is sitting in the Library cafe ('Pages', fractionally less geeky than the Cafe '641' at Loughborough - and how many people have I alienated already?!)

Pages cafe in Bird Library

My laptop charger has decided to stop working again so no checking of mail and news with breakfast.  I had work until 3 today and was working on the numbers of graduates at commencements from 1871 onwards.  It has been quite interesting, especially with the fluctuation in numbers of commencement and students after WWII with all of the returning GIs and the GI Bill.

The IT men are still working their magic and correcting several issues that we are having now that our hard drives have all been replaced.


I have been lucky enough to have been offered an internship over summer, which is full time for 15 weeks.  It will be paid and this has thrown up many issues with my visa.  So, this afternoon I attended one of the fortnightly CPT (curricular practical training) seminars at the International Office to find out what the deal was.  Basically, all international students have to get a CPT form before they can work - that was news to me.  Within term time, internationals can only work 20 hours a week but outside of term they can work 40 hours.  Apparently summer does not count as a term, even though I will be taking 11 credits, and so I am legally allowed to work full time for 15 weeks as long as I get a CPT to cover my internship.  YAY!

So now I have to fill in around one hundred forms and get letters from faculty and work - rather unnecessary if you ask me but what do I know?  I'm just a foreigner.



(I am being a tad naughty and writing this at 5pm so my evening has yet to come)

fencing by mikescia, on Flickr
That will be me!
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  mikescia 

Firstly, I will be going to my fencing class - I have no idea what to expect (does one wear gym gear to such a thing?  Do they have the white costume things?  Do I need a pointy stick?)  After that, I will be working on the Little Free Libraries book list and splitting it up into categories as well as adding some Box Office books.  I need to go to the mall and have it out with some Apple men.  I charged my laptop using a charger loaned from the library (how handy) and, almost annoyingly, my charger has decided to work again.  I'll still try to get a new one on doubt an issue since I bought it in Scotland!

I am interviewing Mr Gregg Tripoli, CEO of the Onondaga Historical Association tomorrow morning for my management class and I need to have a look at the questions I want to ask him (and plot my route there and back).   So that will mean an interesting post tomorrow I imagine!

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