Saturday, 4 February 2012

[Library Day in the Life Round 8] Day 5

I have made if to Day 5 of blogging for Library Day in the Life Round 8 and today was as busy and tiring as I had anticipated but a fantastic end to a tight-packed week!

I've got that Friday feeling

This morning I did the old e-mail etc. checking and wrote up some of my interview for yesterday before heading off for a game of squash/an hour of hysterics.  Then I and two of my group members had a meeting with one of the librarians at the Fayetteville Free Library to discuss our 613 project on planning, marketing and assessing a proposal for green space outside the library.  We had a really insightful meeting and are now much further forward in our plans for the project.  The library already has a grant and an architectural plan of what they want the space to look like - including a reading garden, music concert area, gazebo, picnic area etc.  The actual space is much bigger than we were expecting and we were all really inspired to provide this already very community-based library with an outdoor community space to bring people of all kinds together to learn and have fun together.  We are pretty much being given free reign over the plans so it will be fun to just let loose and see where our skills learned thus far will take us!

The green space at the moment

The sort of thing we are aiming for


On my return home I worked some more on my interview write-up.  I also attempted to de-lint my washing machine (apparently there are lint traps in washing machines(?!) and I'll be damned if I can find it!)  So, my washing is covered in oose....again.


This evening was the official launch of the Syracuse Little Free Libraries Project and it was a fantastic success.  We got there early to set up the community space for the party by sticking up the brainstorming sheets from the initial meeting, setting up the table of books with book recommendation sheet and book plates ready for all the donations.  

I paid a visit to the little library on Gifford Street and then had the chance to be one of the first to stock it with books.

Mother Earth, Darren and me with our first Little Free Library

I have to admit that it looks fantastic and the etching on the front is beautiful, good job VPA folk!  There were loads of donations tonight but there are still plenty of books needing to be donated so feel free to check out the book list and pledge one if you haven't already!  There were many students from SU present but also a healthy number of community residents who came out to see what was happening and were really enthused by the idea so fingers crossed this catches on.  In the short time between stocking the kiosk and coming out for a photo some books had already gone - words seems to spread fast.

Front of the converted phone kiosk

Several of the people donating books were from pro-literacy campaigns and schools and were keen to work in tandem with us to promote literacy in this area.  We have been asked to present at a high school to encourage students to donate and to help them with community studies that they are undertaking.  It has been great to be involved in a tangible project, something that we can carry through to fruition and feel a part of - library school can sometimes feel rather detached from real life and quite theoretical but today has really shown me that, no matter what your age or degree of qualification, you can make a difference.

Gifford Street Little Free Library
Now I am off out to celebrate the end of the week!

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