Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Management Skills

As a relatively new manager, I qualify to take part in the National's new management skills training programme.  The scheme is focused on providing new managers with coaching training as well as opportunities to gain insight into how some of the NT's managers manage their teams.  Last week we were lucky enough to get an hour of the Head of Commercial Operations' time and I wanted to set out some of the interesting points he raised here.

He had been asked to discuss leading a team as well as some specifics concerning running effective team meetings with agendas.  It was good to find out early on that he is the head of a department with 450 staff members - a tad larger than my team of 4.

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Here are some of my favourite points, which I think I'll be carrying over to my own management:

Shared values

  • Identify shared values, sourced from the NT's mission statements, which, for Commercial Operations, will be people and money.
  • These shared values then form the basis of appraisals where each member of staff identify how they contribute to the shared values of the departments.  On the flip-side, the appraisal will also look at a person's personal objectives within their role.
  • These shared values are set out in all job descriptions.
  • Care is taken to maintain a path from the NT mission statements right down to the personal objectives so that staff feel part of the whole NT.

  • Encourage your staff to carry out peer reviews.  Let each identify the 5 things that they want people to think about them and then send these out using the likes of Survey Monkey to all those with whom they work often and want to help.  These are then graded anonymously and usually come back with better feedback than the staff expect.
  • Individuals can be encouraged to take leadership and control of their own areas and they will, therefore, feel greater ownership.
  • It can be useful to have a facilitator in a meeting, who allows everyone to have their own say, summarises points made, maintain pace and link diverse comments etc.
  • Encourage mystery visits to other institutions and welcome feedback about what a mystery visitor may think of the NT if they were to visit.  This way, everyone can self-evaluate and consider what would be best to improve the work of the department.
I found this a really useful opportunity to pick a far more experienced person's brains about how to deal with the challenges I face.  What surprised me was that there wasn't much that changed across departments - even though Commercial Operations is massive and got a very different mandate to the Archive, the skills and techniques are the same.  I am looking forward to putting some of the above into practice as my team grows.