Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Clore Emerging Leaders - Introduction

Last week I embarked on what is called a ‘life changing’ experience, the Clore Emerging Leaders course.  This was a residential week in the beautiful Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire where 26 people from the world of culture were cocooned in the comfort of a stately home with regular tea breaks and pastries.  But this was not a week of relaxation.

We had beautiful sunshine all week

I have been toying with how to blog about this week as we covered so much material on quite a variety of topics.  I will never be able to do the learning justice here and I’m not going to bore everyone by recounting each session.  So what I’ve decided to do, over several posts, is to pick out my highlights and the facts and feelings that I am taking away with me to ponder and then how I intend to put all of this into practice in the short, medium and long term.

The grounds were perfect for perfecting the 'walk and talk'

I’m hoping that this will be a form of relection for me and perhaps bring to light some things that might help others who are at a point in their career where they are enjoying their job but are finding it tough to see where their next step might take them and, indeed, how to find that step.

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